About Us

We are a high voltage contractor in Northern California specializing in transmission and  distribution construction and maintenance. We are committed to providing superior solutions to all our clients’ electrical needs in a safe, efficient, reliable and professional manner. .

Our team has 25+ years’ experience in the electric transmission and distribution industry. Our experience and education was established through accomplished careers at Pacific Gas and Electric Company. Throughout those years of experience, JB’s management staff developed skills in virtually every aspect of the industry. We have spent years in the field gaining the best possible training and valuable experience as:

  • Apprentice Linemen
  • Distribution Linemen
  • Transmission Linemen
  • Troublemen
  • General Order 95/128 Inspector
  • Work and Resource Coordinator
  • Distribution Supervisor
Overhead Construction

Our standard is excellence, and we commit to deliver

JB’s management has had the opportunity to learn from one of the nation’s leading utility companies and has received thousands of hours of the best available training.  We utilize our professional training to excel in all aspects of the industry by working hard and always maintaining a standard of excellence.  We are convinced that a strong work ethic, coupled with years of experience and sound business principles, will ensure our clients of job satisfaction and a trust-worthy business partnership. We will do it right and deliver an excellent result every time.  That’s what separates us from the rest.  Our standard is excellence, and we commit to deliver.

The complete satisfaction and safety of our clients, employees, the public, and the environment keeps us motivated to maintain the highest standard of workmanship and professionalism in the electrical transmission and distribution industry.

  • High Voltage Contractor
  • Medium Voltage Splicing
  • Medium Voltage Terminating
  • Medium Voltage Terminations
  • High Voltage Splicing
  • High Voltage Terminating
  • Power line construction
  • Power line maintenance
  • Power pole installation
  • Pole setting
  • Pole line inspection
  • Power line inspection
  • Resistograph testing
  • Pole testing
  • Cable pulling/splicing
  • Underground Cable Installation